MacBook Pro Retina

Suhaib Nabeil snabieel at
Thu Jul 2 09:30:09 CEST 2015

Hello. 1st of all. I really love this wm and its is my main wm. Anyway, I
wanted to try this on a retina laptop so I took my mom's macbook and dual
booted it with Ubuntu 14.04. Next thing I did was installing herbstluftwm.
However, due to the retina display everything was small. picture here:

Any suggestions ?

I can work around this by increasing the font size of urxvt terminal,
playing with firefox settings, etc... But I was wondering if implementing
something from your side is easy since Ubuntu already has a scale if we
change it we get a bigger layout (More like zoom in thing). Sorry if I was
mistaken since im not really a programmer.

example: Scale is 2.38
if Scale 1.75

ps: Im using Macbook Pro 11.1
Suhaib Abdulghani

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