Serious bug

Donald Allen donaldcallen at
Thu Jul 9 00:03:01 CEST 2015

On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 3:02 PM, Johannes Jordan <jordan at> wrote:
> Resizes to a window can always happen. A prominent toolkit like GTK
> should be able to handle resize requests at all time.

Now you presume that the problem is gtk's and not hlwm or Xlib. Which
is unjustified, since you don't know where the problem is.

> Only the GTK people can decide how important this bug is to them. It is
> a funny scenario after all. Both your application and the window manager
> do things on their own that are typically done by the user manually
> (scrolling and resizing).

Gtk isn't causing the resizing in this "funny scenario" -- hlwm is. I
repeat for the nth time -- no resizing takes place in this situation
with any other window manager, tiling or otherwise.

As for the scrolling caused by my application being a "funny
scenario", spreadsheet 'find' commands do exactly what my application
does, causing the underlying window to scroll based on what is entered
into a dialog box, as do text editors, word processors and pdf
readers, among others.

> That said, we all, or I know at least most of us, agree that we would
> greatly benefit from a better solution for dialogs, regardless of this bug.

I do agree about that -- hlwm needs to support floating windows.

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