This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Tue Dec 23 00:30:59 CET 2014

And another week is over already!

Unfortunately there are still some things to fix for v0.1.1:

I spent a lot of time this week responding to reddit comments, reading
crash logs, and opening issues :D

I'm on my christmas holidays, so I hope to get all those bugs fixed
over the next days and release v0.1.1. We'll see how it goes!


Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 42 commits to master and 45
commits to all branches. On master, 33 files have changed and there
have been 678 additions and 450 deletions.

1 Pull request merged by 1 person
1 Pull request proposed by 1 person
23 Issues closed by 1 person
45 Issues created by 4 people


- Make sure the documentation gets included for Windows builds (for
  v0.1 the documentation was missing and it got silently ignored).
- Open and remove clicked downloads.
- Add "Remove finished" to the download context menu.
- Add a network -> proxy-dns-requests and send DNS requests over proxy
  by default.
- Replace manual installation for OS X with Homebrew/MacPorts in docs.
  Thanks to posativ and fdik for this contribution!
- Always focus tabs on :undo.
- Set zoom to default (instead of 100%) with `=`.
- Don't treat strings like "31c3" as IP address.
- Save current version to state config.


- Always auto-remove adblock downloads when done.
- Fix height calculation of download view.
- Allow maximizing the print preview under windows.
- Fix segfault/exception regarding SSL/authentification questions.
- Fix installing of virtualenv in docs for Debian.
- Fix exceptions when entering invalid interpolation values in
- Fix validating of settings with an interpolation.
- Fix an exception when zooming out with 0% zoom, or zooming in with a
  very big zoom.
- Fix an exception related to downloads.
- Fix scroll position not updating on some pages.
- Fix :view-source with the Windows build.
- Fix an exception on certain Qt warning messages.
- Fix handling of changed config in WebView.


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