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to get some action here I thought I'd start posting (more or less)
weekly updates on what happened regarding qutebrowser. This might also
contain some questions from time to time when I crave some user input

This will be a bit more filtered than the raw commit log of course. It
also might contain useful migration information, e.g. when evil me
decided to break the config again :(

Some things I want to point out first:

- You shouldn't use qutebrowser to download important files just yet,
  there might still be hangs and/or corrupted files (it does work in
  general for me, but I can't guarantee anything).

- We still need a logo! Anyone up for it?

Now the updates for the past week:

Upgrade notes

- You should remove your ~/.cache/qutebrowser (or similiar) because
  some directories in there have been renamed, and the old directories
  won't be cleaned up automatically.


- An AppArmor profile has been added, thanks to longneck[1] (whee,
  first contribution merged! \o/)
- A disk cache for websites has been added, which might improve the
  browsing experience a bit on slow connections.


- Some speed bottlenecks have been improved a bit (e.g. adding an
  internal cache to the config).
- The download location prompt now also accepts a directory.
- Pasting from the (non-existent) primary selection on Windows now
  falls back to the clipboard.
- Tabs now should flicker less when using gl/gr/gm to move the tabs.


- An issue was fixed which caused qutebrowser to not start up on
  Windows under some special circumstances.
- Handling of cookies with non-ascii content has been fixed (caused a
  crash on quit).
- Shift-Return presses in the command bar are now handled properly.
- HTML local storage is now correctly stored in the data directory
  instead of the cache directory.
- The --logfilter option has been fixed.
- Case-insensitive searching on websites has been fixed.
- The ss/sl/sk keybindings (in the default config) have been fixed.

Under the hood

- Some modules have been renamed and imports have been cleaned up.
- qutebrowser now uses jinja[2] internally to render HTML pages (like
  the error page). This means jinja2 has been added as a dependency.



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