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Another week, another bunch of updates!

First of all, let me say something about this quote from :

    The biggest new item Qt 5.4 brings is the new Qt WebEngine, integrating the
    comprehensive web capabilities of Chromium 37 into Qt.


    Qt 5.4 also contains Qt WebKit. It is still supported, but as of Qt 5.4 we
    consider it done, so no new functionality will be added to it. We are also
    planning to deprecate Qt WebKit in future releases, as the new Qt WebEngine
    provides what is needed.

I certainly didn't think Qt WebEngine would come so fast! I think for
v0.1 I still will focus on QtWebKit, and then after v0.1 is out I'll
start playing with Qt WebEngine. I plan to have support for multiple
backends, so there's no need to worry for people who are unable to
upgrade to 5.4 immediately.

Last time I looked at the QtWebEngine API it was rather incomplete, I
hope this will change before QtWebKit is deprecated. I also hope Qt
will still care about bugs in QtWebKit. We will see what time brings!

Upgrade notes

Nothing (hopefully?)


- In the newcmd branch, I'm working on the new command system (and some other
  breaking changes) which are not quite finished yet. It's not merged yet, but
  when it is, these features will be added:

    - A reduced set of commands, but with arguments
      (e.g. :open [-t] [-b] instead of :open/:open-tab/:open-bgtab)

    - An awesome (or at least I think so) integrated help system. A :help
      command has been added which works similiar to vim:

      :help :open            -> show help for the open command
      :help general->editor  -> show help about the editor option

      You can also invoke any command with -h or --help to get its help shown.

    - A separate config file for keybindigs, as the normal qutebrowser.conf
      ini format has proven to be unsuitable for them.

  If you're feeling adventurous you can checkout the newcmd branch to play with
  it, though it might be broken. The last working commit right now is


- The matching for the prev-page/next-page commands was improved.


- Many URL detection corner cases fixed, e.g. IPv6 literals like "::1" are now
  correctly identified as URL, and single integers (e.g. "2342") are now not
  interpreted as IP anymore.

- Crashfix when a startup-command is given which needs a webview window.

- Fix for incorrect statusbar text when entering insert mode via hinting.

- Fix the behaviour of the rl-unix-line-discard command (Ctrl-U).

- The completion now quotes strings including characters which are special to
  the qutebrowser commandline (e.g. spaces).

Under the hood

- An old workaround for a problem which showed up under an old Ubuntu version
  was removed. This hopefully shouldn't cause any problems, as the minimum Qt
  version is higher now, and I believe the bug was fixed upstream.

- Most @property's were removed, as PyQt hides exceptions inside them.

- It's now possible to use normal pdb (instead of qutebrowser.utils.debug) for

- The webelement API has been refactored to be a lot more Pythonic, helping
  possible future contributors and plugin authors.

- All workarounds for PyQt/Qt bugs are now tagged with "WORKAROUND" and
  documented properly, so they can be removed when the minimum Qt version gets

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