This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Sep 15 22:54:09 CEST 2014

And there we go, it's Monday evening (at least here) again!

First of all, a call for help with trying to reproduce a segfault: Can
you please check if opening [1] works for you, and if you get a
segfault and have some time, get in touch with me? iggy can reproduce
this issue, and I can't on multiple setups (Arch, Windows 8, Ubuntu,
Debian jessie).


The newcmd branch is still not merged, because I first want to find a
way to remove the HTML files from the repository and generate them via It'll hopefully be merged somewhere in the next days.
Because of that, I splitted the news into the two different branches.

master branch


- New view_source command (bound to gf) to view a page's source. This
  adds `pygments' as dependency. Also, I *think* this will be the last
  added dependency for a while :D - Packages are available in the
  official repos for Debian jessie/Ubuntu trusty/Ubuntu utopic/


- Consolas is now not used as preferred font on Windows anymore as it
  looks bad with a small size (Courier New will most likely be used


- Changed config values which are used as interpolation for other
  values are now handled correctly (i.e. stuff updates without
  restarting qutebrowser).
- Fix for a bug which executed all "config changed" handlers while
  starting qutebrowser, hopefully improving the start time a bit (1-2
  seconds on Windows).
- Fix for the "config changed" handler for the tabbar which was not
  getting executed correctly.
- ShellCommands now get validated correctly in the config.
- Crash fix when selecting an element without href-attribute via
- Crash fix when selecting elements with an invalid URL as href via
- When starting qutebrowser with python2, a proper error message
  instead of a SyntaxError exception is now displayed again.

Under the hood

- A new segfault_test script was added which tests some different
  pages and environments (HarfBuzz rendering engines) for segfaults.
- A workaround (logging swallowed exceptions in QWebPage extension
  handlers) now is fixed in PyQt 5.3.2 and gets deactivated there
- Some docs for the used python libaries are now added to HACKING.

newcmd branch


- New :bind command to bind keys.
- New :unbind command to unbind keys.
- New config format for keys.
- Exact duplicate keychains are now rejected.
- Error when unknown sections are in the main config.
- Docs are now generated according to the new format.
- Bring back support for *args in command handlers.
- The :get command was removed and replaced by a vim-like
  ":set sect opt?"


- The newcmd branch now actually works.
- Fix crash when opening qute://help without any path.
- Lots of other minor stuff.

Under the hood

- Cleanups for network.qutehandlers
- Cleanups for commands.command
- Cleanups for commands.cmdutils
- Some additional checks for registered command functions.


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