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Mon Sep 22 23:28:41 CEST 2014

Monday again, and this time with a lot of changes!

First some misc. news and stuff:

- I spoke to the QtWebKit people and found out no new features will be
  added, but they still will care about bug reports.

- If you have a ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/crash.log without
  qutebrowser running, you should delete it. If you notice a pattern
  when this file persists after closing qutebrowser, please tell me.

- Does anyone want to do something like the "graphical vim cheatsheet"
  for qutebrowser?

- We still need a logo! :P

- The newcmd branch got merged - I'll mention all news here for people
  who haven't tried it yet, i.e. this will be more then a week.

Upgrade notes

- You'll need to delete all keybind sections from your config - as
  some command names changed as well it's probably easiest to rebind
  your keys again after upgrading (e.g. using the new :bind command).

- If you tried the newcmd branch before, delete
  ~/.config/qutebrowser/keys.conf so it gets updated with new

- Run scripts/ after updating. You should now do this
  after every pull if you want up to date docs. qutebrowser will warn
  you if it can find the asciidoc files and they are older than the
  html files. Released versions will have the docs pre-generated.


- New command system! Many similiar commands are now merged into one
  command, with shell-like options (e.g. open/open -t/open -b instead
  of open/open-tab/open-bgtab).

- Integrated help system.
    * Commands can be invoked with -h/--help to get their help.
    * :help :command   shows help for a command
    * :help sect->opt  shows help for a setting
    * :help            shows an overview

- New :bind and :unbind commands to bind/unbind keys.
- New tabs->auto-hide option which hides the tabbar if there's only
  one tab.
- Use the user-stylesheet improvement to hide the scrollbar by
- New :navigate comand (replacing :prev-page/:next-page) with new
  options "up" (go one level up in the url hierarchy, bound to gu/gU),
  "increment" (increment the last number in the URL, bound to Ctrl-A)
  and "decrement" (decrement the last number in the URL, bound to
  Ctrl-X). :prev-page/:next-page are now mapped to the arguments
  "prev"/"next" to :navigate.


- The :get command got removed, use ":set sect opt?" instead
- Better general handling of exceptions and more verbose exception
  logging. Let me know if you see errors/exceptions logged during
  normal use.
- The ui->user-stylesheet option now takes a filename or a simple CSS
- Huge performance gain for webelements/hinting (on my machine, >3s to
  <0.5s when hinting on a reddit page).


- Fix for exceptions at certain places potentially causing a segfault.
- Allow "-" chars in font names.
- Fix hang when using a single quote in the commandline.
- Fix white text in the commandline right-click menu.
- Possible fix for a segfault when downloads produce an error.

Under the hood

- Keybindings are now in a new file, solving many issues the
  ini-format had before.
- Many cleanups for scripts
- scripts/ got split into and
- New segfault_test script to test problematic sites for segfaults.
- Scripts now work without colorama.
- Lots and lots of other things.


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