This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Sep 29 22:52:47 CEST 2014

Monday again, so time for the next update!

I'm working on multi-window support in the multiwin branch, but it's
not quite ready yet - though hopefully I'll merge it in the next few

Also, after fixing some bugs I could run qutebrowser under OS X,
though setting Qt/PyQt up is some effort.

Other than that there have been many internal changes, let's hope I
didn't introduce many new bugs! :)

Upgrade notes

No action required!


- :tab-clone/tC command to clone a tab with history.
- -t argument to :back/:foward (bound to th/tl) to go back/forward in
  a new tab, including cloned history.


- Improved :debug-get-all-objects output.
- Add Ctrl-C shortcut in debug console to delete line.
- :undo/u now also saves/restores the tab history


- Fix the :bind command.
- Fix commands with ignored args (e.g. :restart)
- Fix exception when using :quickmark-save with an empty name.
- Fix :restart when installed as a Python egg.
- Fix for wrong tab title when javascript opens a new window.
- Fix for weird application title ("- qutebrowser" instead of
  "qutebrowser") when tab has no title.
- Fix for some mode entered/left handlers being called once per tab
  instead of just once.
- Fix version info (e.g. in crash dialog) for Mac OS X.
- Fix division by zero for tab sizes which only occured on Mac OS X.
- Fix default window geometry on first run.
- Fix for the Ctrl-Key on Mac OS X.
- Fix/workaround for very small fonts on Mac OS X.
- Fix shutdown when it's occuring very early.
- Remove focus rectangle on OS X in commandline.

Under the hood

- Much refactoring
- Many objects now are in an "object registry" instead of attributes,
  cmdutils.register now takes an object name instead of a dotted
  attribute path.
- Config change handlers are now registered inside the "listeners"
  instead of being signals.
- Many other changes and cleanups.

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