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Nope, no v0.2 yet - but very soon! (tm)

There are three open issues for v0.2 now, and all of them should be
easy to fix:

Soo... v0.2 this week hopefully. Fingers crossed!

Also, I hope I fooled some of you people with my April's fools joke!
Sorry, but I couldn't resist! :P

For the ones who missed it: For people who updated on the 31st of
March (when I had this idea), all pages were slightly tilted:


Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 92 commits to master and 118
commits to all branches. On master, 92 files have changed and there
have been 2,347 additions and 1,683 deletions.

2 Pull requests merged by 2 people
10 Issues closed by 1 person
8 Issues created by 2 people


- Various improvements to :restart - it should be more robust now and
  uses sessions so all state (focused tab, scroll position, etc.) gets

- Sessions starting with '_' are now considered "internal" and are
  disallowed when using the :session-* commands.

- Jump to last instead of first item when pressing Shift-Tab the first
  time in the completion.

- Add tab index display to the statusbar.

  Thanks to Franz Fellner for this contribution!

- Automatically correct keybindings to deprecated commands in the

- Ignore quotes with maxsplit-commands (:open, :quickmark-load, etc.)
  and don't quote arguments for those commands in the completions.

  This also means some commands needed adjustments:

  - Clear search when :search without arguments is given.
    (:search "" will now search for the literal text "")

  - Add -s/--space argument to :set-cmd-text (as :set-cmd-text "foo "
    will now set the literal text "foo ")

- Add 'cd' shortcut to clean downloads.

- Various improvements on how sessions are handled:
    - Add a -c/--current argument to :session-save to save the last
      loaded session.
    - Add a -t/--temp argument to :session-load to not set the last
      loaded session.
    - Make the default session name configurable with a new
      general -> session-default-name setting. The default (empty)
      means loading of the last saved session.

- Add tab-bg{,-silent} as possible value for new-instance-open-target
  to open a background tab.

- Keep progress bar height fixed when the statusbar is multiline.

- Ignore ;; for splitting with some commands.


- Fixed handling of key release events (e.g. for javascript) when

  holding a key and pressing a second one.
- Fix for exception when a message is pending and a non-mainwindow
  window gets focused.

- Update URL completion when quickmarks are added/deleted.

- Refuse to add empty URLs to the history.

  It seems (at least for one user) QtWebKit added empty URLs which
  caused the history to fail to load - so if that happens we ignore

- Fix exception when using :set-cmd-text with an empty argument.

- Don't double ampersands in window titles.

- Fix search engine documentation (it still used the old !bang

- Don't make default config a mutable global.
  This bug didn't do any harm inside qutebrowser as there is only one
  config object, but was discovered in the unit tests.

Under the hood

- Use hunter[1] for line tracing instead of a selfmade solution.

- Various spelling fixes in comments.

- Added a checker for words which I often spell wrong.

- Convert some tests to pytest.
  Thanks to Raphael Pierzina for this contribution (as part of the
  adopt pytest month).

- Pass a parent to most (all?) QObjects, which might fix some
  segfaults on shutdown.

- Various fixes and improvements for docs.

- Various small refactorings.


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