qutebrowser v0.2.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sun Apr 19 18:55:27 CEST 2015


From one point of view, qutebrowser v0.2.0 is just the same as
qutebrowser v0.1.0: It took a lot longer than I thought it would ;)

But now it's done, and qutebrowser v0.2.0 is released!

Other than the time it took, v0.2.0 definitely isn't the same - there
are tons of new features such as sessions and history completion.

This is the full changelog compared to v0.1.4:


- Session support
    * new command `:session-load` to load a session.
    * new command `:session-save` to save a session.
    * new command `:session-delete` to delete a session.
    * new setting `general -> save-session` to always save the session
      on quit.
    * new setting `general -> session-default-name` to configure the
      session name to use if none is given.
    * new argument `-r`/`--restore` to specify a session to load.
    * new argument `-R`/`--override-restore` to not load a session
      even if one was saved.
- New commands to manage downloads:
    * `:download` to download a URL or the current page.
    * `:download-cancel` to cancel a download.
    * `:download-delete` to delete a download from disk.
    * `:download-open` to open a finished download.
    * `:download-remove` to remove a download from the list.
      `:download-remove --all` or the new 'cd' keybinding can be used
      to clear all finished downloads.
- History completion
    * New option `completion -> timestamp-format` to set the format
      used to display the history timestamps.
    * New option `completion -> web-history-max-items` to configure
      how many history items to show in the completion.
    * The option `completion -> history-length` for the command
      history got renamed to `cmd-history-max-items`.
- Better save logic for the config/state:
    * Only save files if modified (e.g. don't overwrite the config if
      it was edited outside of qutebrowser and nothing was changed in
    * Save things (cookies, config, quickmarks, ...) periodically all
      15 seconds (time can be changed with the `general ->
      auto-save-interval` option).
- Opera-like mouse rocker gestures
    * New option `input -> rocker-gestures`. When turned on, the
      history can be navigated back/forward by holding a mouse button
      and pressing the other one.
- New `-f` option for `:reload` to reload and bypass the cache.
- Pass more information (`QUTE_MODE`, `QUTE_SELECTED_TEXT`,
  to userscripts.
- New `--userscript` option to `:spawn` (which deprecates
- Ability to toggle a value to `:set` by appending a `!` to the value.
- New options to hide the tab-/statusbar:
    * `tabs -> hide-always` for the tabbar
    * `ui -> hide-statusbar` for the statusbar
- New options to configure how the tab/window titles should look:
    * `tabs -> title-format` for the tabbar
    * `ui -> window-title-format` for the window title
- HTML5 Geolocation/Notification support:
    * New option `content -> geolocation` to permanently turn the
      geolocation off.
    * New option `content -> notifications` to permanently turn
      notifications off.
- New options to disable javascript prompts/alerts:
    * `content -> ignore-javascript-prompt` to turn off prompts.
    * `content -> ignore-javascript-alerts` to turn off alerts.
- Two new options to customize the behavior of hints:
    * `hints -> min-chars` to set minimum number of chars in hints.
    * `hints -> scatter` which when turned off distributes the hints
      sequentially (like dwb) instead of scattering their positions
      (like Vimium).
- Make it possible to use `:open -[twb]` without url.
    * New option `general -> default-page` to set the page to be
      opened when doing that.
- New `input -> partial-timeout` option to clear partial keystrings.
- New option `completion -> download-path-suggestion` to configure
  what to show in the completion for downloads.
- Queue messages shown in unfocused windows and show them when the
  window is focused.
    * New option `ui -> message-unfocused` to disable this behavior.
- New `--relaxed-config` argument which ignores unknown options.
- New `:tab-detach` command to open the current tab in a new window.
- Zooming via Ctrl-Mousewheel.
    * New option `input -> mouse-zoom-divider` to control how much the
      page is zoomed when rotating the wheel.
- New option (`content -> host-blocking-enabled`) to enable/disable
  host blocking.
- New values `tab-bg`/`tab-bg-silent` for `new-instance-open-target`
  to open a background tab.
- New `ui -> downloads-position` setting to move the downloads to the
- New `ui -> hide-mouse-cursor` option to hide the mouse cursor inside
- New argument `-s` for qutebrowser to set a temporary config option.
- New argument `-p` for the `:set` command to print the new value.
- New `--rapid` option to `:hint`. The `rapid`/`rapid-win` targets are
  now deprecated, and `--rapid` can be used as well with the targets
  run/hover/userscript/spawn as well.
- New `-f` argument to `:bind` to overwrite the old binding.
- New `--qt-name` argument to qutebrowser which is passed to Qt to set
- Alternating row colors in completion. This adds a new `colors ->
  completion.alternate-bg` option.


- Ignore quotes with maxsplit-commands (`:open`, `:quickmark-load`,
  etc.) and don't quote arguments for those commands in the
  completions. This also means some commands needed adjustments:
    * Clear search when `:search` without arguments is given.
      (`:search ""` will now search for the literal text `""`)
    * Add `-s`/`--space` argument to `:set-cmd-text` (as
      `:set-cmd-text "foo "` will now set the literal text `"foo "`)
- Ignore `;;` for splitting with some commands like `:bind`.
- Add unbound (new) default keybindings to config. This also adds a
  new `<unbound>` special command.
    * To unbind a command keybinding without binding it to a new key,
      you now have to bind it to `<unbound>` or it'll be readded
- If an SSL error is raised multiple times with the same
  error/certificate/host/scheme/port, the user is only asked once.
- Jump to last instead of first item when pressing Shift-Tab the first
  time in the completion.
- Add a fullscreen keybinding.
- Add a `:search` command in addition to `/foo` so it's more visible
  and can be used from scripts.
- Various improvements to documentation, logging, and the crash
- Expand `~` to the users home directory with `:run-userscript`.
- Improve the userscript runner on Linux/OS X by using
- Add luakit-like `gt`/`gT` keybindings to cycle through tabs.
- Show default value for config values in the completion.
- Clone tab icon, tab text and zoom level when cloning tabs.
- Don't open relative file paths with `:open`, only with commandline
- Expand environment variables in config settings which take a file
- Add a list of common user agents to the user agent setting
- Move cursor to end of textboxes when hinting.
- Don't start searches on invalid URLs for quickmarks/startpage.
- Various performance improvements for the completion.
- Always open URLs given as argument in the foreground.
- Improve various error messages.
- Add `startpage`/`default-page` values to `tabs -> last-close`.
- Various improvements to `:restart` - it should be more robust now
  and uses sessions so all state (focused tab, scroll position, etc.)
  gets remembered.
- Add tab index display to the statusbar.
- Keep progress bar height fixed when the statusbar is multiline.
- Many improvements to tests and related infrastructure:
    * `init_venv.py` and `run_checks.py` have been replaced by tox[1].
      Install tox and run `tox -e mkvenv` instead.
    * The tests now use pytest[2]
    * Many new tests added
    * Mac Mini buildbot to run the tests on OS X.
    * Coverage recording via coverage.py[3].
    * New `--pdb-postmortem argument` to drop into the pdb debugger on
    * Use hunter[4] for line tracing instead of a selfmade solution.

[1] http://tox.readthedocs.org/
[2] http://pytest.org/
[3] http://nedbatchelder.com/code/coverage/
[4] https://github.com/ionelmc/python-hunter


- The `:run-userscript` command - use `:spawn --userscript` instead.
- The `rapid` and `rapid-win` targets for `:hint` - use the `--rapid`
  argument to `:hint` instead.
- The `:cancel-download` command - use `:download-cancel` instead.
- The `:download-page` command - use `:download` instead.


- `init_venv.py` and `run_checks.py` have been replaced by tox.
  Install tox and run `tox -e mkvenv` instead..


- Fix for cache never being used.
- Fixed handling of key release events (e.g. for javascript) when
  holding a key and pressing a second one.
- Fix handling of commands using `;;` at various places (key config,
  command parser, `:bind`)
- Fix splitting of flags with arguments (`:bind -m`/`--mode`).
- Fix bindings of special keys with lower-case modifiers (e.g.
- Fix for weird search highlights when changing tabs while search is
- Fix starting with `-c ""`.
- Fix removing of partial downloads when a download is cancelled via
  context menu.
- Fix retrying of downloads which were started in a now closed tab.
- Highlight text case-insensitively in completion.
- Scroll completion to top when showing it.
- Handle unencodable file paths in config types correctly.
- Fix for crash when executing a delayed command (because of a
  shadowed keybinding) and then unfocusing the window.
- Fix for crash when hinting on a page which doesn't have an URL yet.
- Fix exception when using `:set-cmd-text` with an empty argument.
- Add a timeout to pastebin HTTP replies.
- Various other fixes for small/rare bugs.

Thanks to all contributors:

* Bruno Oliveira
* Joel Torstensson
* Raphael Pierzina
* ZDarian
* Peter Vilim
* Jimmy
* Patric Schmitz
* Error 800
* Samir Benmendil
* sbinix
* error800
* Thorsten Wißmann
* Thiago Barroso Perrotta
* Regina Hug
* Matthias Lisin
* Martin Zimmermann
* Johannes Altmanninger
* HalosGhost
* Gregor Pohl
* Franz Fellner
* Eivind Uggedal
* Andreas Fischer


http://www.the-compiler.org | me at the-compiler.org (Mail/XMPP)
   GPG: 916E B0C8 FD55 A072 | http://the-compiler.org/pubkey.asc
         I love long mails! | http://email.is-not-s.ms/
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