qutebrowser crash reports

Riku Ahonen rikuah1n at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 09:34:53 CET 2015

21.01.2015, 07:46, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> Hi,
> (Cc-ing this to the list because I'd like some discussion and ideas
> about this. For people who have already spoken out about the confusing
> crash dialog issue - I hear you, I just want to hear more opinions
> an am unsure about what's best)
I think your ideas on bug tracker look good. I have some thoughts which 
might be useful:

"Auto-reject crashes if the stack points to qt_mainloop and Qt version 
is < Qt 5.4"
- I don't know if would be implemented in report dialog or in the paste 
part, but informing the user about this in the crash dialog would help 
them. Something like "you seem to have Qt version x.x which is know to 
cause crashes. Updating to latest Qt might fix this problem."

Another thing would be to write a document which describes most common 
types of crashes and what a user can do about them. Maybe something like 
you wrote in the cc'd email. And link to this document in crash dialog.

When I first sent a crash report with my email address I was a bit 
surprised it ended up on public web page. I think it would be nice to 
keep contact information private or tell the user about this in the 
crash dialog.

Riku "rikn00"

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