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Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed Jan 21 23:22:49 CET 2015

* Riku Ahonen <rikuah1n at gmail.com> [2015-01-21 23:03:52 +0200]:
> 21.01.2015, 10:56, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> >
> >When I first sent a crash report with my email address I was a bit surprised
> >it ended up on public web page. I think it would be nice to keep contact
> >information private or tell the user about this in the crash dialog.
> >Huh, I think the crash dialog mentioned the reports being public.
> >Maybe I'm wrong, or this got lost in the first redesign I did.
> >
> >There are basically two reasons they are public:
> >
> >- I already had the pastebin set up, and didn't think there would be
> >   so many reports at the time I set it up, so I just used that.
> >
> >- Sometimes I just dump the URL into an issue without much more
> >   information. If someone wants to help fixing the bug, it'd make
> >   sense for them to be able to see the report. Or in general, it'd be
> >   confusing if reports linked in public issues needed an account :-/
> >
> >But yeah - given the amount of "real" issues is going down (and
> >hopefully will stay down when more tests are running), maybe I should
> >spend more time opening issues with any *relevant* information from
> >the full report, and making it private.
> >
> >I also opened an issue:
> >
> >https://github.com/The-Compiler/qutebrowser/issues/481
> >
> >I probably have to set up a separate pastebin for qutebrowser reports.
> >I guess that'd make sense anyways.
> >
> >Florian
> >
> Maybe crash dialog could send the actual crash log into a public pastebin
> and possible contact information somewhere else? I don't know if I was
> unclear in my earlier message but I don't oppose public crash logs. I just
> think email addresses and such would better be kept private.

Too hard to implement. Right now I just can use a pastebin. I don't
want to implement my own server-side thing, I prefer to work on

And debug logs could have enough sensitive information for them to be


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