SSL errors, no certificate?

Martin Tournoij martin at
Mon Jul 20 12:19:26 CEST 2015

On Sat, Jul 18, 2015, at 14:44, Abraham Baker wrote:
> Hi,
> I switched over to qutebrowser from firefox, and so far everything works
> well except for a website that I access daily from an email list.
> When I click the link in the daily email, I get an error about 'this site
> contains ssl errors' and 'no certificates found'.  When I set ssl-strict to
> false, the site loads but I am not automatically logged in as usual.  This
> site works as expected in firefox.
> Could there be some certificate available to firefox (since I signed up for
> this daily email in FF)? Or is there some other setting I'm missing?

If setting 'ssl-strict' to 'false' fixes the issue, then that means that either
the certificate is not a very good certificate, or that the SSL/TLS connection
the server offers isn't very good :-)

It' rather difficult to say anything more specific about this, as you didn't
mention which site is having problems ;-)

There are a whole bunch of SSL test tools out there. Running one of those
usually gives you a clue as to what's wrong. Here's a list:


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