qutebrowser v0.3.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sun Jun 28 18:31:16 CEST 2015


I'm happy to announce qutebrowser v0.3.0 was released today - with a
lot of new features and some bugfixes.

Note a breaking change for userscripts was necessary: $QUTE_HTML and
$QUTE_TEXT now contain a filename instead of the HTML/text content.

Also, if you have an userscript which could be useful for the public,
please consider contributing it to the new `misc/userscripts`

This is the full changelog compared to v0.2.1:


- New commands `:message-info`, `:message-error` and
  `:message-warning` to show messages in the statusbar, e.g. from an
- New command `:scroll-px` which replaces `:scroll` for pixel-exact
- New command `:jseval` to run a javascript snippet on the current
- New (hidden) command `:follow-selected` (bound to
  `Enter`/`Ctrl-Enter` by default) to follow the link which is
  currently selected (e.g. after searching via `/`).
- New (hidden) command `:clear-keychain` to clear a partially entered
  keychain (bound to `<Escape>` by default, in addition to clearing
- New setting `ui -> smooth-scrolling`.
- New setting `content -> webgl` to enable/disable WebGL.
- New setting `content -> css-regions` to enable/disable support for
  CSS Regions.
- New setting `content -> hyperlink-auditing` to enable/disable
  support for hyperlink auditing.
- New setting `tabs -> mousewheel-tab-switching` to control mousewheel
  behavior on the tab bar.
- New arguments `--datadir` and `--cachedir` to set the data/cache
- New arguments `--basedir` and `--temp-basedir` (intended for
  debugging) to set a different base directory for all data, which
  allows multiple invocations.
- New argument `--no-err-windows` to suppress all error windows.
- New arguments `--top-navigate` and `--bottom-navigate` (`-t`/`-b`)
  for `:scroll-page` to specify a navigation action (e.g.
  automatically go to the next page when arriving at the bottom).
- New flag `-d`/`--detach` for `:spawn` to detach the spawned process
  so it's not closed when qutebrowser is.
- New flag `-v`/`--verbose` for `:spawn` to print informations when
  the process started/exited successfully.
- Many new color settings (foreground setting for every background
- New setting `ui -> modal-js-dialog` to use the standard modal
  dialogs for javascript questions instead of using the statusbar.
- New setting `colors -> webpage.bg` to set the background color to
  use for websites which don't set one.
- New setting `completion -> auto-open` to only open the completion
  when tab is pressed (if set to false).
- New visual/caret mode (bound to `v`) to select text by keyboard.
- There are now some example userscripts in `misc/userscripts`.
- Support for Qt 5.5 and tox 2.0


- *Breaking change for userscripts:* `QUTE_HTML` and `QUTE_TEXT` for
  userscripts now don't store the contents directly, and instead
  contain a filename.
- The `content -> geolocation` and `notifications` settings now
  support a `true` value to always allow those. However, this is *not
- New bindings `<Ctrl-R>` (rapid), `<Ctrl-F>` (foreground) and
  `<Ctrl-B>` (background) to switch hint modes while hinting.
- `<Ctrl-M>` and numpad-enter are now bound by default for bindings
  where `<Return>` was bound.
- `:hint tab` and `F` now respect the `background-tabs` setting. To
  enforce a foreground tab (what `F` did before), use `:hint tab-fg`
  or `;f`.
- `:scroll` now takes a direction argument
  instead of two pixel arguments (`dx`/`dy`). The old form still works
  but is deprecated.
- The `ui -> user-stylesheet` setting now also takes file paths
  relative to the config directory.
- The `content -> cookies-accept` setting now has new `no-3rdparty`
  (default) and `no-unknown-3rdparty` values to block third-party
  cookies. The `default` value got renamed to `all`.
- Improved startup time by reading the webpage history while
  qutebrowser is open.
- The way `:spawn` splits its commandline has been changed slightly to
  allow commands with flags.
- The default for the `new-instance-open-target` setting has been
  changed to `tab`.
- Sessions now store zoom/scroll-position separately for each entry.


- `:scroll` with two pixel-arguments is now deprecated - `:scroll-px`
  should be used instead.


- The `--no-crash-dialog` argument which was intended for debugging
  only was removed as it's replaced by `--no-err-windows` which
  suppresses all error windows.
- Support for Qt installations without SSL support was dropped.


- Scrolling should now work more reliably on some pages where arrow
  keys worked but `hjkl` didn't.
- Small improvements when checking if an input is an URL or not.
- Fixed wrong cursor position when completing the first item in the
- Fixed exception when using search engines with {foo} in their name.
- Fixed a bug where the same title was shown for all tabs on some
- Don't install the scripts package when installing qutebrowser.
- Fixed searching for terms starting with a hyphen (e.g. `/-foo`)
- Proxy authentication credentials are now remembered between
  different tabs.
- Fixed updating of the tab title on pages without title.
- Fixed AssertionError when closing many windows quickly.
- Various fixes for deprecated key bindings and auto-migrations.
- Workaround for qutebrowser not starting when there are NUL-bytes in
  the history (because of a currently unknown bug).
- Fixed handling of keybindings containing Ctrl/Meta on OS X.
- Fixed crash when downloading an URL without filename (e.g. magnet
  links) via "Save as...".
- Fixed exception when starting qutebrowser with `:set` as argument.
- Fixed horrible completion performance when the `shrink` option was
- Sessions now store zoom/scroll-position correctly.

Thanks to all contributors! The contributors since v0.2.0 were:

- Martin Tournoij
- Lamar Pavel
- Austin Anderson
- Bruno Oliveira
- Artur Shaik
- Antoni Boucher
- Raphael Pierzina
- Zach-Button
- Tobias Patzl
- Fritz V155 Reichwald
- Franz Fellner


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   GPG: 916E B0C8 FD55 A072 | http://the-compiler.org/pubkey.asc
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