Testers needed for history completion

Riku Ahonen rikuah1n at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 11:19:40 CET 2015


here are some results about history testing:

- sort command returned value 2965

- Opening the completion the first time with 'o'  took noticeably longer 
than longer than without history completion
   but it was still quite fast. I'd say it took around half a second.

- Using 'o' after the first time was not instant but I think it was a 
bit faster than using it for the first time.
   Very acceptable performance in my opinion.

- Using 'o' and typing (without using the completion) I can notice 
difference between starting with letter 'a' and 'z' for example.
   'a' in my case has more filtering to do so it takes a bit longer than 
'z' for example. After completing with those letters after the first time
   delay seems to get a lot smaller. When filtering after the first 
letters it seems to get nearly instant. Longest delays are very small so 
I think
   performance is good. When holding backspace I can notice lag.

- Scrolling the completion (with tab and scrollbar/mousewheel) seems to 
lag. Lag is most noticeable when scrolling with full speed with
   any of scrolling methods listed. Usable feature but leaves room for 
performance improvement. I think that pressing tab for multiple times
   is most common use case and that works well without lagging.

- With "set: completion web-history-max-items -1" performance seems to 
be same.

I tested on Intel Sandy Bridge dual core laptop with two threads per 
core @2.3Ghz (Intel i5-2410M) with Arch Linux.
I hope this is useful help. If needed I could test with a Intel Haswell 
Chromebook with Arch Linux too.


> Hi!
> @toofar on github and I started working on history completion, and it
> seems to work pretty well by now! However I want some feedback
> (especially on performance) before merging this.
> Can you please test the histcomplete branch? When you got the git
> repo, you can simply do 'git pull' and 'git checkout histcomplete'.
> Then check how using 'o' feels, and if the performance is acceptable.
> If it is,  :set completion web-history-max-items -1   then restart
> qutebrowser and test again.
> Things which potentially could be sluggish:
> - Opening the completion the first time with 'o'.
> - Using 'o' after the first time.
> - Using 'o' and typing (without using the completion)
> - Scrolling the completion (with tab and scrollbar/mousewheel)
> Also, it'd be good to know what this says for you:
>      sort ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/history | cut -d' ' -f2 | uniq | wc -l
> See https://github.com/The-Compiler/qutebrowser/pull/547 for
> discussions.
> Thanks!
> Florian

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