This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Tue Mar 17 07:14:19 CET 2015


Another week with some highlights and lots of smaller changes! :)


Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 67 commits to master and 72
commits to all branches. On master, 63 files have changed and there
have been 1,555 additions and 641 deletions.

4 Pull requests merged by 4 people
13 Issues closed by 1 person
8 Issues created by 2 people


- History completion!

  Definitely a much-requested feature - now @toofar/Jimmy started
  implementing it and I did some improvements on top of that. Thanks!

  This adds some new options:
    completion -> timestamp-format:
        The format used to display the history timestamps.
    completion -> web-history-max-items:
        How many history items to show in the completion.
    completion -> cmd-history-max-items:
        Renamed from history-length.


- If an SSL error is raised multiple times with the same
  error/certificate/host/scheme/port, the user is only asked once.

- Add a --rapid option to :hint. The rapid/rapid-win targets are now
  deprecated, and --rapid can be used as well with

- Add a hints -> scatter option, which (when turned off) distributes
  the hints sequentially (like dwb) instead of scattering their
  positions (like Vimium).

- Add an -f argument to :bind to overwrite the old binding.

- Add some documentation about how to write userscripts:

- Various performance improvements for the completion.

- Handle things like "Foo::Bar" as search term, not as URL.
  Thanks to Patric Schmitz for this contribution!

- Remove default search engines so things like ":open ddg foo" or
  ":open google sucks" works as expected.
  Thanks to error800 for this contribution!

- Use alternating row colors in copletion.
  This adds a new colors -> completion.alternate-bg option.

- Ensure the user only sets a family (no size/weight) for the fonts ->
  web-family-* settings.

- Various performance improvements when qutebrowser is idle.
  When unused qutebrowser now shouldn't waste any CPU cycles anymore.
  Except on Windows, where there still has to be a timer polling for
  signals, because... Windows.


- Fix an exception which occured when getting signals for already
  deleted tabs.
- Force saving when using :save even with auto-save-config turned off.
- Highlight text case-insensitively in completon.
- Scroll completion to top when showing it.
- Fix fonts not being anti-aliased (or possibly wrong in other ways)
  under some circumstances.
- Fix package names for manual compilation in stacktrace.asciidoc.
- Ignore empty lines in quickmarks/history.

Under the hood

- Refactor qutebrowser.config.websettings.
- Various small fixes for tests.


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