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Wed Mar 25 07:16:58 CET 2015


I just noticed I totally forgot to send this week's updates on Monday.
Oh well, Wednesday it is then! :)


(from Wednesday to Wednesday)

Excluding merges, 6 authors have pushed 29 commits to master and 75
commits to all branches. On master, 34 files have changed and there
have been 1,186 additions and 778 deletions.

1 Release published by 1 person (v0.1.4)
1 Pull request merged by 1 person
1 Pull request proposed by 1 person
9 Issues closed by 1 person
6 Issues created by 2 people


- Queue messages shown in unfocused windows and show them when the
  window is focused. This can be disabled by setting the new option
  ui -> message-unfocused.
- New --relaxed-config argument which ignores unknown options (mainly
  intended for debugging).
- New -R/--override-restore argument to not load a session even if one
  was saved.


- Clear rejected SSL questions when reloading page.
- Always open URLs given as argument in the foreground.
- Use state file to record which session to load instead of deleting
  the default session.


- Workaround for Qt recording URLs to the icon database even when in
  private mode, see the release annoucement[1] for details.
- Remove colors -> option which wasn't used
- Fix for starting qutebrowser via IPC without an URL not working as
- Handle unencodable file paths in config types correctly.
- Fix for stray about:blank tabs opening on some pages.
- Fix for crash when executing a delayed command (because of a
  shadowed keybinding) and then unfocusing the window.
- Fix for crash when hinting on a page which doesn't have an URL yet.
- Handle statusbar messages before a window appears correctly.


Under the hood

- Simplify distro package output in
- Rename doc/HACKING.asciidoc to CONTRIBUTING.asciidoc so GitHub shows
  it when creating issues/PRs.
- Various small updates to CONTRIBUTING.
- Reenable some pylint checks which caused issues in older versions.
- Enable python warnings earlier and even without --debug.
- Add some logging for javascript messages.


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