[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v0.8.3 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sat Nov 5 23:45:18 CET 2016


I just released qutebrowser v0.8.3 with a handful of bugfixes:

- Fixed crash when doing `:<space><enter>`, another corner-case
  introduced in v0.8.0
- Fixed `:open-editor` (`<Ctrl-e>`) on Windows
- Fixed crash when setting `general -> auto-save-interval` to a too
  big value.
- Fixed crash when using hints on Void Linux.
- Fixed compatibility with Python 3.5.2+ on Debian unstable
- Compatibility with pdfjs v1.6.210
- `:bind` can now be used to bind to an alias (binding by editing
  `keys.conf` already worked before)
- The command completion now updates correctly when changing aliases
- The tabbar now displays correctly with the Adwaita Qt theme
- The default `sk` keybinding now sets the commandline to `:bind`
- Fixed crash when closing a window without focusing it

This is a bugfix-only release, but hopefully a bigger one with a lot
of changes will follow somewhen in the next few weeks.

As usual, the source/Linux release is available, while Windows was
"Working on updates..." and OS X is rebuilding Qt because it was
broken somehow - so those will follow later.


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