[qutebrowser] Is there a way to prevent qutebrowser from re-writing my configuration file?

Ryan Roden-Corrent ryan at rcorre.net
Sun Apr 2 22:35:42 CEST 2017

Hi Nishant,

You can set general->auto-save-config to false to prevent qutebrowser from
saving to the config file on exit.

There are also plans to completely revamp the config format:

Work on this will hopefully begin soon!

On Sun 04/02/17 02:52PM, Nishant Rodrigues wrote:
> Heya,
> I'd like to manage the changes I make to qutebowser's config manually, with
> comments that help understand
> why I added a setting (rather than what it does) so that a few months down
> the line I understand what workflows
> I had in mind for changing that setting.
> While I could just copy the configuration I've stored in my dot-files repo
> manually each time I start the browser I'd rather not have behavior
> specific to qutebrowser.
> Is there a way to prevent automatic writing to the main configuration file?
> If not, would you'll accept patches that allow this behaviour?
> What modifications are made to the configuration when it's written to?
> Thanks,
> Nishant

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