[qutebrowser] Which manjaro distro = best for qutebrowser?

Trevor Robertson trevor.robertson55 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:35:30 CEST 2017

Hi thanks again, your app is still my favourite. It works great in Windows

(You can ignore the email I sent from rocky.hillside7 at gmail.com = the one I
use on my phone, I forgot about the membership thing.)

Qutebrowser crashed a few times in manjaro i3 edition community edition - I
sent a report - but don't worry too much. It is an old laptop that I
installed this on.

If there is a different manjaro distro that you think should give the least
problems that I will rather just try that one instead. (I like using the
keyboard and the idea of the i3 tiling manager but the non-i3 manjaros
might be more customisable anyway with regard to the keyboard.)

-> Say I install one of the mainstream manjaros: Which desktop environment
should I choose?

I really appreciate the help!

Wonderful browser and does everything I want. Once my linux is going well I
will be able to implement your spawn to media player idea also for
fullscreen youtube.

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