[qutebrowser] "older version of Chrome"

Jay Kamat jaygkamat at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 21:51:39 CET 2017

Hi Stephen,

As others have said, this can be probably be fixed by upgrading your
qtwebengine. I'm currently using qtwebengine 5.7.1 (chromium 49), and I
see the message on a fresh profile, but I don't notice anything else
wrong with google, so I'm personally fine with just ignoring the
message. Google is likely doing some user-agent sniffing and attempting
to get people with broken chrome installs to do a force-reinstall.


"Stephen Davies (sdavies)" <sdavies at umw.edu> writes:

>     I get this message when I go to Google:
>     "We've detected you're using an older version of Chrome. Reinstall to stay
> secure"
>     Is this something I should ignore, or address, and if the latter, how?
> - Stephen Davies, Ph.D.
>   (stephen at umw.edu)

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