[qutebrowser] certificate errors

Jay Kamat jaygkamat at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 21:32:06 CEST 2018

Hi Stephen!

"Stephen Davies (sdavies)" <sdavies at umw.edu> writes:

>     Is there a way to disable these?

I think you can do this with :set content.ssl_strict false

>     Perhaps you'll tell me that it's dangerous and evil to do so. That's as
> may be, but I do know that these are sites I check periodically, recognize the
> content on, and have strong reason to believe are not compromised in any way.
> Further, other browsers never complain about them.

Yes, this is probably a very bad idea, since you wouldn't know if you're
being MITM'd. I'm not sure why there are more SSL warnings in
qutebrowser than in normal ones (I see them too). I think this might be
qutebrowser using system certs rather than the built-in ones (but I'm
not sure if that's the case).


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