[qutebrowser] Open in new window by default when invoked with HTTP address as argument

Valentin Iovene valentin at too.gy
Sun Jun 3 01:05:40 CEST 2018


First, thanks everyone for contributing to this project.

I would like to change the default behaviour of qutebrowser in the
particular case where it's invoked with a HTTP link as argument:

> qutebrowser https://qutebrowser.org

I know about this possibility:

> qutebrowser --target window https://qutebrowser.org

Thing is I want qutebrowser to be my default browser and by default
open a new window whenever another application opens up a link.

Maybe there's a solution with xdg-open to pass that extra target arg by
default but I'm not sure how to do that and I can't find anything about

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Side note: using arch linux here


Valentin Iovene

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