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I just accidentally rejected instead of accepted this message to the ML.
If you answer, make sure to Cc ealmhagen at gmail.com :)

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Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2018 17:29:22 +0200
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Subject: NetFlix, Gentoo and Qt5.9

Hello people,

New user of qutebrowser here. Love it so far, and the only feature I seem
to miss at this point is NetFlix support.

I am using Gentoo, and Qt5.9. The FAQ points me to download a package from
the AUR. However, as a non Arch-user I could not understand how to download
what I needed from that page. I also understand that AUR package uses
Chrome 66, and that Chrome>61 would not work with Qt5.9.

So I tried to download Chrome 61 from  https://www.slimjet.com/chrom
e/google-chrome-old-version.php. I extracted the libwidevinecdm.so and
libewidevinedcmadapter.so and per the FAQ extracted them to the ppapi
folder in my qt5/plugins folder and set the qt.args to point to the latter.
But NetFlix still complains about missing widevine components, and
according to https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm widewine is not supported in my
browser. Also tried with Chrome 60, with the same result.

I am not sure where the problems are (are there any logs, anywhere, that
might say?). Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about solving this?
Would love to continue using qutebrowser, but NetFlix support is something
of a dealbreaker.

With regards

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