[qutebrowser] Given the process ID, can I find out the loaded URL?

Nicholas Schwab qutebrowser at nicholas-schwab.de
Thu Dec 31 11:49:10 CET 2020


regarding finding out in which qt-version the commit is in: With

git tag --contains=<COMMIT>

you can list all tags that include a specific commit. qt (as many other 
repos) tag their repo with the corresponding version at each release. Of 
course, this only works when you have cloned the repo locally. 
Otherwise, I think the easiest is to compare the commit date to the list 
of tags manually (you can find the tags here 
https://codereview.qt-project.org/gitweb?p=qt/qtwebengine.git;a=tags )

As you would say in my language: A good slide into the new year!


On 31/12/2020 03:55, Greg Minshall wrote:
> Florian,
>> Given that this came up a couple of times now, I added the PID to the
>> :buffer completion if it is available:
> very cool!  thanks!
>> No easy way to search it there automatically (as the column isn't
>> filtered by input), but at least it's a start.
> if that happens someday, that will also be great.
> also, if it's not too much trouble, a question on git (repo) usage:
>> I added the API to do those kind of things upstream in Qt 5.15:
>> https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtwebengine/+/286981
> given that URL, how does one (sounds like the same question, passed
> through a sed script! :) figure out which release of qt5-webkit
> incorporates that change?
> good new years.
> cheers, Greg

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