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Johannes Jordan jordan at
Thu Jul 2 11:56:33 CEST 2015

Hello Suhaib,

I don't know exactly what the Ubuntu slider is doing but the correct
method of adjusting font sizes is to set the DPI (dots per inch) of the
display correctly.

Now, for example, the Pro Retina 13" has 227 dpi and the 15" version 220
dpi according to:

To put that in perspective, a typical DPI value nowadays is below 100
and the X11 default should be 70.

You can find more information about DPI here:

It might be as simple as running 'xrandr --dpi 220' and then restarting

As herbstluftwm is only a window manager and not a full-blown desktop,
it does not mangle with these settings.


On 07/02/2015 09:30 AM, Suhaib Nabeil wrote:
> Hello. 1st of all. I really love this wm and its is my main wm. Anyway, I
> wanted to try this on a retina laptop so I took my mom's macbook and dual
> booted it with Ubuntu 14.04. Next thing I did was installing herbstluftwm.
> However, due to the retina display everything was small. picture here:
> Any suggestions ?
> I can work around this by increasing the font size of urxvt terminal,
> playing with firefox settings, etc... But I was wondering if implementing
> something from your side is easy since Ubuntu already has a scale if we
> change it we get a bigger layout (More like zoom in thing). Sorry if I was
> mistaken since im not really a programmer.
> example: Scale is 2.38
> if Scale 1.75
> ps: Im using Macbook Pro 11.1
> Regards,
> Suhaib Abdulghani

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