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Mon Mar 9 22:49:10 CET 2015


Another week is over, and this one definitely is full of qutebrowser


Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 52 commits to master and 56
commits to all branches. On master, 34 files have changed and there
have been 1,016 additions and 321 deletions.

1 Pull request merged by 1 person
1 Pull request proposed by 1 person
10 Issues closed by 2 people
3 Issues created by 2 people


- Add Opera-like mouse rocker gestures.

  This adds a new setting input -> rocker-gestures which enables going
  back/forward in history by holding the left and pressing the right
  mouse button, and vice versa.
  Thanks to Gregor Pohl for this contribution!

- Make it configurable what to show in the completion for downloads.

  This adds a new setting completion -> download-path-suggestion
  (path/filename/both), and many related fixes.
  Thanks to Joel Torstensson for this contribution!


- Various history performance improvements.
- Adjust prompt size based on its contents (similiar to the command


- Fix exceptions when getting signals for deleted tabs.
- Fix exception when using :tab-clone with tabs-are-windows=true
- Fix exception when using :back/:forward -w.
- Fix links opening in background after background-hinting.
- Fix warning when closing qutebrowser via Cmd+Q on OS X
- Hide Qt warning when aborting a download with errors.
- run_checks: Fix running of pyroma/check-manifest, fix logging.
- Fix retrying of downloads which were started in a now closed tab.
- Fix race condition/exception when a page gets deleted after clicking
  an unknown element.
- pylint open-without-encoding check: Fix false-positives with
  non-const arguments.

Under the hood

- Added (test coverage reports) to the buildbot:
  Curently it's at 42%, though most of that is because GUI code
  currently doesn't get tested automatically.
- Various small doc updates.
- Various small improvements to logging.
- Various improvements to the tests (which finally run without
  segfaulting sometimes on Windows!)
- Make sure a command hasn't more completions than arguments.
- Refactoring/renaming of LineConfigParser.


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